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Weird Fact # 4  They Gave Birth Publicly

In past history, royal births had to be done publicly….no not on the lawn of Buckingham Palace, but with enough witnesses to make sure no one, inadvertently or otherwise,  switched the baby.  How is that for keeping your royal dignity!






10 Amazing (and Weird) Facts about Childbirth Through History



 Number 1…….They gave birth on bricks

During Bible times women in labour stood on 2 bricks (oddly enough named “Birthing Bricks”) in order to give the midwife or assistant a little bit of extra room to catch the newborn….doesn’t that sound like a great way to give birth after perhaps hours of labour—balancing on 2 bricks!

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 Ok, so we were never really out of business, but as you likely have noticed, our blog has been uncooperative for the past few months. After much frustration (I am very techniologically challenged, to put it lightly!) I decided to scrap our cute background for now, and go with something more simple, that will at least be readable! So I apologize to you all, and thanks to those of you who wrote me to let me know the blog wasn’t working!
 We are very excited to say we’ve had a number of women contact us over the last 2 months looking for doulas! It’s so awesome to see that our hard work is paying off, and people are starting to hear about doulas in the area! We have 2 births coming up in Feb, 4 days apart, so it will be interesting to see who comes first, and how close together they are! Our last 2 girls were 5 weeks apart and ended up going into labor on the same night! It could very well happen again!
We are so thankful to all of you who take the time to check out our blog! Keep spreading the word!