” I can’t say enough about having a doula and especially Carrie. Having a doula is like having someone who is one part mom and one part yourself. The part that is the mom is able to comfort you when you feel sick and in pain and when you just want a calm, soothing touch and at the same time there is the part of your doula that is like having yourself standing beside you as they just know exactly where to massage, squeeze or the words to say. Having Carrie didn’t replace my husband but they made a great team helping me, working with me – encouraging, holding, soothing, and squeezing – whatever I needed help with to help my son be born. I would never want to go through labour without my husband, but what a difference to have someone who has gone through what you have and taken special training as well. I think Carrie has such a gift and there couldn’t be anyone more perfect for the role of helping you welcome your baby into this world. Thanks so much! ”  -Heather

“I can’t imagine ever giving birth without a doula!! Both of these women are fantastic and born for this job!  At my sons birth I had 2 midwives, a student midwife, a birth photographer, my husband and Carrie and Lynanne. My midwives just went on and on about how wonderful it was and how much loving support I had and they were SO right! Even with midwives a doula is so important! I needed my husband and his role was huge but my doula was JUST AS important! She reminded me to calm down when I started to freak out, or push on pressure points to help alleviate the pain and helped put my husband’s mind at ease.  There is no way I would ever give birth without a doula!! Hire a doula! You will NOT regret it!” – Kristina


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