{Placenta Encapsulation}

The placenta is amazing! It’s the only organ that a human grows and discards after its’ job is done. The placenta is a lifeline to your baby during pregnancy, providing him or her with everything that is needed to grow. Some people choose to let the hospital discard of it, others bring their placenta home after the birth and bury it and plant a tree or plant overtop, and others choose to ingest it.

The benefits of placenta encapsulation are amazing! Its been proven to increase milk supply, decrease the possibility of post partum depression, help to regulate hormones, increase energy levels, decrease postnatal bleeding and the list goes on!

Encapsulating your placenta allows you to receive the benefits over a long period of time. You can make it last for days, weeks, or even months after the baby is born.   The pills are tasteless/odorless and are generally about the same size as a prenatal vitamin.


The encapsulation process we do usually takes a day from start to finish( an extra day should be added if the placenta has been frozen). After your baby is born, we can offer to pick up your placenta from you and deliver the pills to you after the process is complete. If you are unable to have the placenta picked up to be encapsulated within 48 hours of the birth we ask that you put it in a freezer bag and put it the freezer until we are able to encapsulate it.  We can steam it with your choice of lemons slices, fresh ginger, or other herbs for added health benefits , or plain if you’d prefer. We then dehydrate it thoroughly and grind it to a fine powder before filling the capsules.


We take your unwashed placenta and stamp it onto heavy acid free paper. The result is a beautiful memory you can frame or simply keep in your baby’s album or keepsake box.


You can also choose to have a tincture made from the placenta instead or as well as encapsulating it.        The tincture can be added to water with a dropper and taken after your capsules are finished. The benefits are similar to that of the capsules, as well as helping to treat symptoms of PMS and menopause. The tincture, if stored in a cool dark place, can last for years!


Basic : Our method of dehydration/encapsulation. Makes approximately 150-200 pills (depending on the size of the placenta)  $150.00

Memory Package : Your placenta pills as well as placenta art $175.00

Full Package: Your placenta pills, tincture, and art $200.00

If you have questions or concerns that have not been addressed please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them!


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