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“We Feel Your Pain” …..actually…..no we don’t

Judges - First Appellate Division

Weird Fact #10

Those wonderful, caring MEN on the OB/GYN governing boards decided that since Eve took a bite of that apple, ALL women should have to suffer during childbirth, even after anesthetics for labour were discovered during the 1900’s.  Wasn’t that considerate of them!

We are blessed to live in a country with modern medicine


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Weird Fact #8  Women made out will when they found out they were pregnant.

A sad fact that when women throughout history found out they were expecting a child they knew the cost could be their own lives and would make out their wills immediately

Let them eat cake


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Weird Fact #6  They Baked Cakes During Labour

According to author Amy McKay in The Birth House, rural women practiced the ancient tradition of baking a cake during labour aptly called a “groaning cake”.  Hopefully someone served her the cake with a nice cup of tea after baby was born.

Hail, hail, the gangs all here!!!

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Weird Fact # 4  They Gave Birth Publicly

In past history, royal births had to be done publicly….no not on the lawn of Buckingham Palace, but with enough witnesses to make sure no one, inadvertently or otherwise,  switched the baby.  How is that for keeping your royal dignity!