{About Doulas}

Childbirth has been around since the beginning of time. A womans body is designed to give birth, yet somehow, our society has gotten in its’ head that birth is terrifying, or an emergency waiting to happen. Birthing women are often treated as mindless patients who know nothing about their bodies, when in reality, its exactly the opposite. Women are strong! Birth is a completely natural event and should be treated as such! Birth is beautiful! It can be incredibly sensuous and even pain free if you allow yourself to experience it. As doulas, we want you to take control of your body, and your birth.  Birth is one of the most life changing events you will ever experience, and it should be a beautiful experience.

Birth doulas help a women and her family through labor and birth. They are trained in non-medical pain relief , such as massage, pressure points, positioning, etc. They stay with a women throughout the labor and birth, being a continuous, informative support both physically, and emotionally.  Birth doulas usually stay a few hrs into the postpartum period to help establish breastfeeding, and help the new parents feel comfortable with their new baby.
Studies have shown that having a doula present can reduce the need for a c-section by 50%, the request for pain medication by 60%, the length of labor by 25%, the need for forceps/vaccuum assisted birth by 40%, and the list goes on.  (Mothering the Mothering, Klaus, Kennell, & Klaus)
Postpartum doulas work with the mother from right after the baby is born, until 6 weeks, or longer. They can help with breastfeeding, infant care, housework, cooking, and even running erands.  A postpartum doula can act as a support to the new mother after the excitement of birth has passed, and life has “gone back to normal. ”

Sleep doulas can come into ones’ home and take care of the baby at night while the parents sleep. If nursing, they bring baby to the mother whenever he wakes and then take him back out afterwards. This can be especially helpful if both parents are returning to work soon after birth and need rest.

We want to help you enjoy the experience of birth, becuase after all, thats what birth is, an experience! Your life will never be the same after having a baby, and why not welcome your baby into the world in the best possible way. You deserve a beautiful birth, you deserve a doula!


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